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Steamrail Gift Voucher

Steamrail Gift Vouchers

*** Important *** After using this site to make a purchase of a Gift Voucher, please send an E-Mail to the Booking Officer (booking@steamrail.com.au) with the Name of the person who will be the Gift Voucher Recipient.  Processing will generally be with 36 hours.


If you are looking for something different for Christmas or Birthday or a
present of some kind, then consider one of our gift vouchers that can
be used for train travel on one of our vintage trains or in the
souviners department.  The vouchers cannot be redeemed for cash and have
an expiry date of just on 2 years.

To purchase a gift voucher


Click on the amount you would like and follow the links to payment. If
the desired amount is not listed you can select several vouchers to the
total and then you will be sent one voucher for the total amount paid



ClickTix Tickets:


You are advised that when purchasing a gift voucher from this site the outsourced company "ClickTix" will send a ticket to you stating details of what you have purchased, this will come in as a pdf file to the email address you have provided.  This is part of the program that we have no control over it. 


Please send an E-Mail to the Booking Officer (booking@steamrail.com.au) with the Name of the person who will be the Gift Voucher Recipient.


You will then recieve an email from booking@steamrail.com.au with the gift voucher expiry date and details of payments within 48 hours of you providing the forementioned information. 


If you have any enquires please contact our office on 03 9397 1953 or direct an email to booking@steamrail.com.au for any further enquires. 



When using your voucher


Your voucher will be sent to you via email, once payment is received, to use this voucher your need to either call the office on 0393971953 or email / post voucher to the booking officer (booking@steamrail.com.au)) with details of the tour you wish to book on. 


If the cost of the tour is more than the total voucher then other payments may be added.  If the total cost of the tour is less than the total of the voucher a refund of the difference will be sent in the form of a voucher to be used at a later time, the voucher cannot be redeemed for cash.


 Note:  A $2 charge applies to each voucher purchase.

Departure time
Ticket Type Price($) Number of Tickets Subtotal
Gift Voucher SRV0 $20.00 $
Gift Voucher SRV1 $50.00 $
Gift Voucher SRV2 $80.00 $
Gift Voucher SRV4 $100.00 $
Gift Voucher SRV5 $150.00 $
Gift Voucher SRV6 $200.00 $
Gift Voucher SRV7 $300.00 $
Gift Voucher SRV8 $400.00 $
Total (incl GST)